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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


The vision of the TsamaHUB is to search for and work towards long-term, sustainable solutions to the planetary crises facing the African continent through new ways of knowing and producing knowledge that will make it possible to develop an integrated understanding of the interacting systems, in particular coupled natural and social systems, as they exist and are experienced in the African context.



The mission of the TsamaHUB is to seek, encourage and facilitate:

  • trans-disciplinary dialogue, collaboration and cooperation between and amongst the participating disciplines, departments, institutions and societal sectors;
  • enhancing of the academic foundation for pursuing excellence in research, learning and teaching in the areas of sustainability, sustainable development and complexity;
  • sustainable community building interventions and activities in cooperation with community-based organisations, with a view to firmly ground its knowledge-production endeavours in context and praxis;
  • the co-production of knowledge between the academic, government, non-governmental and private sectors so as to accept mutual responsibility for policy-making, implementation, monitoring of research findings;
  • the fund raising necessary to support the core activities set out below.


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