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Student Research Projects

Lorraine Amollo Ambole

lorraine ambolePhD Topic:

Co-Production Of Knowledge For The Design Of On-Site Sanitation For Informal Settlements In South Africa And Kenya


Prof Mark Swilling, Programme Co-ordinator: Sustainable Development, School of Public Leadership, Faculty of Economic & Management Sciences, Stellenbosch University


Proponents of co-production are calling for greater collaboration between science and society. In the global South, informal settlements in sub-Saharan Africa are particularly poorly prepared to deal with the increasing pressures of global change, often resulting in a reduced quality of life for the inhabitants of these areas. Co-design and co-production approaches may unravel these complex socio-ethical issues by bringing research closer to real-world problems.
This research aims to undertake an exploratory study into the nature of co-production in the context of sanitation for informal settlements. To achieve this, two case studies of on-site sanitation systems in informal settlements will be used to investigate the co-production process as it takes place in a real-world context. In line with the transdisciplinary approach, this study is ultimately geared towards the production of both practical and scientific knowledge.

Disciplinary history:

Disciplinary History BA - Industrial Design, University of Nairobi - Kenya.
MA – Design, University of Nairobi - Kenya.

Faculty/department of registration:

Faculty of Economic & Management Sciences
School of Public Leadership, 2013.

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