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Student Research Projects

Anria van Zyl

PhD Topic:

Anria van Zyl

Embedding sustainability practices into organisations through Integrated Reporting


Prof Mark Swilling, Programme Co-ordinator: Sustainable Development; School of Public Leadership; Faculty of Economic & Management Sciences, Stellenbosch University.


Growing evidence of resource constraints, climate change, ecosystem degradation, loss of biodiversity and socio-economic inequality is prompting the larger stakeholder communities to place increased demands on corporations to report more clearly on their long-term strategies to ensure the sustainability of their businesses. During this research, five South African companies that have adopted integrated reporting will be subjected to a critical review of their corporate social-responsibility practices and the information systems used to collect and disseminate sustainability-related information. The integrated reporting process will be viewed as a vehicle for institutional learning, knowledge creation and sharing and will encompass the entire information and knowledge-management system of the organisations.
The aim of this research is to help the companies develop practical solutions to address the weaknesses and problems in their unique integrated reporting processes. Additionally, the research aims to use the findings of the five case studies to develop an integrated reporting methodology that is relevant for the South African context and that will enable organisations to embed sustainability practices and corporate social responsibility into their business activities more successfully by providing practical steps, processes and performance indicators.

Disciplinary history:

Bachelor in Accounting Science, University of the Free State; Honours
Bachelor of Accounting, University of the Free State; Certificate in Theoretical Accounting,
University of the Free State; Advanced Diploma in Auditing, University of Cape Town/University
of Johannesburg; Master of Accounting (Computer Auditing), SU; MPhil (Environmental
Management), SU
Chartered Accountant (SA)

Faculty/department of registration:

Faculty of Economics & Management Sciences; School of
Public Leadership, SU (2013)
transdiciplinary, sustainability, analysis, modelling & assessment HUB.


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