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Who is involved

Who is involved

AgriScience Conservation Ecology Dr. Andrew Knight
AgriScience Soil Science Dr. Willem de Clerq
AgriScience Soil Science Dr. Andre Rozanof
AgriScience Conservation Ecology Prof. Karen Esler
Arts & Social Science Information Science Dr. Hans Muller
Arts & Social Science Philosophy Prof. Johan Hattingh
Arts & Social Science Philosophy Rika Preiser
Arts & Social Science Political Science Prof. Amanda Gouws
Arts & Social Science Psychology Prof. AV Naidoo
Arts & Social Science Psychology Prof. Leslie Swartz
Arts & Social Science Sociology Prof. Cherryl Walker
Economics Africa Centre for HIV/AIDS in the Workplace Prof. Jan du Toit
Economics SOPMP Prof. Kobus Muller
Economics SOPMP Prof. Alan Brent
Economics SOPMP Prof. Mark Swilling
Education Curriculum Studies Dr. Chris Reddy
Education Dean: Education Prof. Yusuf Waghid
Education Deputy Dean: Research Prof. Lesley le Grange
Engineering Mechanical Engineering Prof. Wikus van Niekerk
Health Sciences Human Nutrition Prof. Milla McLaglan
Science Biochemistry Prof. Jannie Hofmeyr
Science Geology, Geography & Environmental Studies Prof. Roy Roychoudhury
Theology Public Theology Dr. Clint le Bruyns
CSIR Natural Resources and the Environment Dr. Belinda Reyers
CSIR Natural Resources and the Environment Dr. David la Maitre
CSIR Natural Resources and the Environment Dr. Michelle Audouin
CSIR Environmental Management Services Dr. Mike Burns
HSRC Research Director: HIV / Aids and Health Prof. John Seager



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